Activities for America Independence Day

What to do? Where to go? Do you have any idea about the party? If you're still wondering about the activities to celebrate America Independence Day, this list might help you.


1. Watch a Patriotic Movie
In the family room, all members of the family sit back and enjoy the 4th of July flicks together with popcorn or snacks. That's a good idea, right? It might be better if the weather is nice and your family can set up an outdoor cinema in the backyard.

2. Take a Family Bike Tour
Yeah, a family together takes a bike tour around your hometown with flags, streamers, and ribbons decorated on the bicycle. The ride will help everyone work up an appetite before the celebratory barbecue.

3. Shake for some 4th of July Cocktails and Host a Barbecue
A family together shake and mix your favorite patriotic-themed cocktails and toast the good old U.S.A. Gather the kids together and make a plan to create the ultimate backyard barbecue. Get decked out in red, white, and blue, and make patriotic dishes that you can enjoy all day long.

4. Go for a Family Picnic
Grab your picnic basket and head for the backyard. This is the best time of year to enjoy a simple alfresco meal with your family. (Hey, maybe you can even convince your kids to leave their cell phones inside!). Don’t forget to play some Patriotic Games like Stars-and-stripes tic-tac-toe or a red, white, and blue-themed water balloon toss,... Your kids might be interested in these spark family games.

5. Make DIY Decorations Together
Decorate your entire home (inside and out) with DIY red, white, and blue decorations. Get the whole family to pitch in and make their own statement pieces.

6. Wear Patriotic Shirts
It’s time to wear the Patriotic Shirts that you have prepared for this special day. Don’t forget to share with us your happy experience with Owlsmatrix to receive the thank you gift from us.